Unleash the power of purpose in your organization.

Help your employees discover their unique purpose

so they can perform at their highest potential, engage on a deeper level,

and derive more meaning and fulfillment from their careers.


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You lead a team of people that need to produce results. 

AND you care deeply about them as humans.


You want them to LOVE working at your organization.

You want them to be energized by their work, inspired by your leadership, and feel fulfilled by the roles in which they contribute.

The problem is: You doubt they currently do.

They may look happy enough on the outside…
but sometimes you wonder if that’s not really the case for them on the inside, where it really counts.


You wonder if they have the sense that their job truly matters.

You wonder if they feel like they're making a difference with their work, with their colleagues, and with their friends and family, too.

And you wonder if they feel like they are living up to their full potential and really thriving in their careers.

You want to know your employees are getting everything they need from you to be their absolute best — not just as workers who produce great results, but as human beings who have deep relationships, diverse interests, and full, meaningful lives.


You wish there was a tool or a resource to help them dig deep to uncover the ultimate purpose and potential for their lives.

Because as a dynamic and compassionate leader, you can’t think of a better gift to give your employees than that – Absolute clarity of purpose!

You wonder ...

  • Do they sense their job truly matters?
  • Do they feel they're making a difference in their work and with their colleagues?
  • Are they sure they're living up to their full potential and really thriving in their careers?

You want to know your employees are getting everything they need from YOU to be their absolute best!

You wish there was a resource to help them discover their purpose and how they can live it out in the job they currently have.

Because as a dynamic and compassionate leader, you can’t think of a better gift to give your employees than that – absolute clarity of purpose!

Look no further!

The gift of purpose is right here.


Your hunch is most likely correct:

Many of your employees are struggling to find meaning in their work ...

McKinsey's* research supports this.

70% of employees are reflecting on their personal purpose

Half of all employees are reconsidering the work they're doing because they sense it's not connected to their purpose

The vast majority (85%) of people believe they have a unique personal purpose, and yet a much smaller minority have the ability to articulate it succinctly  

You also know that despite putting on a happy face at work,

so many of your people are dealing with a lot of other challenges.

They’re stressed, burned out, and pulled in too many directions

They struggle to feel satisfied no matter what they accomplish

What they do at work is disconnected from who they are

They have a nagging sense that they should be doing more with their lives

They’re just going through the motions

They feel unsettled with themselves, others, or their circumstances

As their leader, you may even be feeling the same — or have felt the same at some point in your career.

So you KNOW how it feels: worrying, deflating, uninspiring, meaningless, and lonely.

But the good news is…

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Your employees CAN find their unique purpose and use it to derive fulfillment from the work they do.

The even better news?

YOU can be the one who helps them do it!


Because there IS a resource you can deploy to help your employees discover their unique purpose and how it can empower them in the roles they're in right now!

This resource will help your employees:

Get absolutely CLEAR about their unique purpose

Feel at peace in the present moment

Derive deep satisfaction from what they do and know how it connects to who they are

Know they can contribute meaningfully in any circumstance to make a difference

Live a life of significance that truly matters to those who matter most to them

Become more productive, energized, loyal, and content

There is NO better gift you can give your employees than to help them connect to their unique purpose…

…because when they tap into their personal purpose, and see how it connects to the purpose of your organization, the impact is TREMENDOUS.

In fact, employees who say they “Live Their Purpose at Work,” are:

1.5x more likely to go above and beyond to make their companies successful

2.6x more likely to want to stay at their company

4x more likely to report better health

6.5x more likely to experience higher resilience

These are BIG numbers! 

And, they aren’t just numbers…

I actually know this to be true because I’ve experienced it myself and have helped countless CEOs, business owners, key executives, and professionals of every kind experience the same.

Now, I can’t wait to help YOU, help YOUR employees, too.


I’m Brett Pyle

Girl in a jacket

My purpose is connecting people to their unique purpose so they can deliver breakthrough results that truly matter to those who matter most to them.

In my 25 years as an executive with multinational firms and a business owner, and then 10 years founding, chairing, and coaching three Vistage CEO Peer Advisory Boards, I’ve always been passionate about THE WHY ... people's Extraordinary Why (or their xWhy as I call it) ... the reason people are motivated to take positive action and produce extraordinary results.

In 2011, I developed a workshop to encourage CEOs and business owners think more deeply about the success and goals they were pursuing.  Will those goals actually prove satisfying and fulling to them, or would they ultimately leave them wanting?   Were they actually accomplishing anything that truly mattered — to themselves and to others?

Demand for the program exploded! 

By 2020, I had delivered over 800 live events all around the world.  I’d seen firsthand the universal need we humans have for connection.  We all share a deep desire to know our purpose – to know that our life, and work, truly matters and that we’re making a positive difference in the lives of others.

I KNEW this work was important and directly linked to my purpose.  So I pivoted my entire business to deliver this crucial message, in-person, to even more live audiences around the globe.

Then COVID locked us all down. 

Brilliant timing!


Honestly, prior to then, I didn’t think that deep, personal, soul-searching work would be possible in a virtual setting.


Yet, at the end of my very first virtual program on March 18, 2020, one participant said something I’ve never forgotten:

“Brett, I’ve done a ton of deep personal development work.  I’ve been to multiple Tony Robbins’ seminars.  I’ve been to The Landmark Forum.  I’ve been through the Hoffman Process.  Today, in just three hours, I’ve experienced more transformation in your session than I have in all those other programs combined. 
Today I found MY WHY.”

That comment inspired me to create a completely online, multi-lesson, live programIt contained much of what I had learned and taught over the prior decade – The many secrets I had discovered about the human search for significance and meaning.  I delivered that program live, via Zoom, numerous times in the two years that followed.

Now, to help as many people as possible find absolute clarity of purpose for themselves, I’ve turned that live program into a complete Online Course Experience!

I've finally recorded all of my material and the secrets I've learned over my past 14 years of deep work on this subject of purpose.  I've packaged it all into a six-week, 24-lesson course that people can experience together with a cohort of other committed purpose-seekers!

Once they gain absolute clarity of purpose, they are empowered to live into it, and from it, every day — to fill their lives with more meaning, satisfaction, and happiness than they’ve ever experienced before.

Since you lead a team of people, I challenge you to consider the role you play in ensuring your people get more meaning from the work they do with you: How are you helping them understand how the trade-offs they make daily when they’re at work, are worth it to them personally, deep down, in the long haul?

The McKinsey study is clear:  If you don't, they will eventually leave you ... probably for a lower paying job that IS connected to their purpose!

Alternatively, when you DO help them find their purpose, and show them how they can actually live it out as part of your team, then they become more engaged, satisfied, loyal, and productive!


Are you ready to give your employees the opportunity

to discover and fulfill their true purpose,

in the jobs they have right now? 


If so, I can’t wait to show them how!



The xWhy Course Experience!

A Proven Framework for Discovering Absolute Clarity of Purpose

The xWhy Course Experience is a 6-week online course
that will guide your employees on a journey to discover their unique personal purpose,
so they can:
  • Live that purpose at work
  • Derive more meaning and fulfillment from their current jobs
  • Increase their sense of loyalty to you and your organization
  • Enhance their performance, health, and overall sense of well-being

6 Weekly Learning Modules - 24 Video Lessons

Each week, course participants will be led step-by-step through the proven framework to gain absolute clarity about their unique personal purpose.  Every week has 4 lessons, each of which is supported by detailed, downloadable lesson notes, resources, and links to helpful and entertaining movie clips that illustrate key points and keep the journey engaging.

50+ Page Program Workbook

Participants will be challenged by deep exercises, and supported by tools & resources, as they are guided to explore ways to incorporate all they’re learning into their life and work.  Participants can save all of the work they do in the course in handwritten or typed format in the accompanying Program Workbook.

A Collaborative Online Leadership Development Experience

For YOUR Team!

We live out our Purpose in community - what better place to discover our Purpose than IN community?

By registering your team collectively, they'll bond more deeply as they support each other throughout this profound, shared leadership development experience.

Teams can participate in regularly scheduled public course offerings, or

Private xWhy Course Experiences can be arranged.


Program Breakdown

Here’s the course syllabus and an overview of what your team will learn and explore in each module of

The xWhy Course Experience!

Module #1

The xWhy Course Experience - Are You ALL IN?

We’ll kick off the program with an overview of the xWhy Experience and its guiding principles.  Participants will learn how and why this is NOT an ordinary online learning program but a unique opportunity to discover their own xWhy as it’s revealed to them throughout the modules.

They’ll meet the man who taught the world about the power we possess as human beings to choose our response to ANY circumstance. 

Additionally, they'll be introduced to the power of STORY and begin to appreciate the influence it wields to inspire commitment and action.  They’ll also spend time reflecting on how, where, and when their own personal story began, and how it has led them to this present moment.

By the end of this module they’ll decide if this journey is right for them.  If so, they'll declare their commitment to the course, take responsibility for their own learning throughout the program, and be fully engaged and ready to do the work.  If they don't sense the fit at that time, they may opt out of the program and your investment will be fully refunded. 

The first 6 Secrets to Discovering Your xWhy are revealed in Module 1!  It's divided into the following four video lessons:
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the xWhy Experience overviews the course structure, flow, internal & external resources, and the guiding principles upon which the xWhy Course Experience is based.
  • Lesson 2: Why Your xWhy Matters helps participants dig deep to uncover and articulate why their xWhy is important to them.
  • Lesson 3: Begin With Your End In Mind challenges participants to begin reflecting on their desired legacy - how they'd like to be remembered by those that matter most to them.
  • Lesson 4: Foundations — Where Your Story Began introduces the powerful concept of Story and encourages participants to reflect upon the stories that shaped them into who they are today.
  • End-of-Week Assignments for the participants include formally committing to the program (or opting out) and writing their formative story in a structured, yet fun and creative, way.

Module #2

Becoming the Hero in Your Story

In Module Two, only those committed to the journey will dig deep into what they want their legacy to be.  They’ll be introduced to the concept of their “Yonder Star Legacy” and the power they possess to shape it as they desire.

They’ll make conscious contact with their conscience — or their guidance system — and reflect on how their attitudes, behaviors, choices, and decisions are influencing their legacy for better or worse.  The challenging exercise for them at the end of this week will require them to perform an honest, rigorous assessment of the current state of their default legacy to engage in the process of calibrating their guidance system.

By the end of this module they’ll fully recognize that life’s too short to just ‘let it happen.’  They can take charge of life and engage their most powerful asset to lead them to their "Desired Yonder Star Legacy" and the life they most deeply desire.

Secrets #7 - 10 to Discovering Your xWhy are revealed in Module 2.  It's divided into the following four video lessons:
  • Lesson 1: Your Story and Your Guides reassures participants that they are not alone on this journey to discover purpose — they are supported by guides along the way.  This lesson also includes a powerful Ikigai Assessment Tool to give them insights into what factors drive them at work.
  • Lesson 2: Your Desired Yonder Star Legacy helps participants articulate the high level themes they 'must' include to establish the legacy they most deeply desire and gives them insight into times at work and life in which they feel most alive!
  • Lesson 3: Engaging Your Guidance System helps participants identify the Core Values that drive them at work and in life. 
  • Lesson 4: Calibrating Your Guidance System discusses how our Attitudes, Behaviors, Choices, and Decisions (ABCDs) ultimately define our Desired Yonder Star Legacy and can either reinforce the reliabilty of our Guidance System or render it useless in helping us course-correct whenever we get off track.
  • End-of-Week Assignments for the participants include a deep reflective self-assessment of Legacy Confirmations and Corrections to identify ABCDs that they may need to reinforce, or alter, to operate more from their 'best self' vs. their 'not so best self.'

Module #3

What Matters Most and Why

In Module Three participants will populate their personal  timeline with the significant milestones and experiences, both personal and professional, that will fill their future with meaning.  Then, they’ll dig deep into their most motivating “whats” to discovery why they matter so much to them.

They’ll analyze their “So Far Story" and consider what was modeled well for them in the past, and what may have been missing, so that they can see how it all powerfully shaped them into who they are today.

By the end of this module they’ll understand that they can derive great personal power from identifying, and connecting with, the whys behind their most important “whats.”

In Module 3, participants will be introduced to two additional "Secrets" on the journey to absolute clarity of purpose.  It includes the following four video lessons:
  • Lesson 1: Your Personal Timeline is a fun and engaging trip along the timeline of our lives (past, present, and future) designed to get the creative juices of our imaginations flowing in positive directions.
  • Lesson 2: What Matters Most is a surprisingly quick, and uniquely human, process for identifying the items on our bucket list that hold deepest meaning for us as individuals.
  • Lesson 3: The Whys Behind Your Whats encourages participants to consider the deeper whys that motivate us in life and give us insight into how they may have come into being for us.
  • Lesson 4: Where Your Whys Were Forged is often one of most eye-opening and impactful lessons of the first half of the program.  It will help participants identify some of the past experiences that forged in them their deepest, most compelling whys.
  • End-of-Week Assignments following Lesson 4 will support the participants in gaining insight into the combination of the "models and missings" that were present for them in their past that forged the deep drivers in them today.

Module #4

Make Peace with Your Past

Module Four is a big, deep, and often emotional journey. The course participants will travel back down their own personal Memory Lane to identify anything in the past that might be holding them back and potentially keeping them from fulfilling their unique purpose.

They’ll learn about the power of forgiveness, gratitude, and honor and will consider possible connections between the heritage they received, the life they’re living, and the legacy they will ultimately leave behind. 

If necessary, they’ll learn how to create a “clearing” in their present to set them free to move powerfully forward into their desired life and legacy.

By the end of this module they’ll understand the connection their past has to their present and feel committed to getting “complete” with anything, and anyone, from their past that may be holding them back or sabotaging their best efforts to move forward.

Five new Secrets, #13 - 17, will be illuminated in this truly transformational module.  They'll be progressively unveiled in the following four video lessons:
  • Lesson 1: Your Final Moments highlights the three universal thoughts humans seem to consistently have when they've been told they're facing their imminent passing.
  • Lesson 2: Forgiveness — What It Is and What It Isn't connects how harboring bitterness and resentment can obscure our xWhy and how forgiveness can clear the view to perceive it clearly.
  • Lesson 3: Creating Your Clearing is where the 'rubber meets the road' and participants are challenged to deal, and get complete, with the negative elements that may have existed in their past to enable them to embrace and acknowledge the positive elements of their origins.
  • Lesson 4: Your Legacy and Your Heritage brings this module to a crescendo in a surprising and powerful way, setting the stage for the exercises to follow that have proved transformational for so many people.
  • End-of-Week Assignments following this lesson build on the learning's from the past several weeks and provide the participants with the unique opportunity to get complete with their past"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly."

Module #5

Your Identity and Your xWhy

In Module Five, course participants will consider, and gain insight into, who they are as a whole human beings.  This is not just who they think they are, but who they REALLY are at the core of their BEING — their True Identity.

From this place of being, they’ll learn and employ the #1 most powerful secret to discovering their xWhy: The C3 Method.  They'll use it to reveal the recurring themes in their life and why they matter most to them.

Finally, for perhaps the first time in their lives, they’ll receive and declare their xWhy!

In so doing, they'll be closer than ever to settling for themselves the answers to the questions most people never discover:  "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?"

They end the week knowing they may not have it down perfectly, and that they have time to refine it further in the following week.

7 Secrets are packed into this exciting 5th week of the course!  They are divided among the following four video lessons:
  • Lesson 1: Your Current Identity Concept sets the stage for the week by encouraging participants to articulate who they presently see themselves to BE, at the level of their Identity.
  • Lesson 2: Your True Identity — Who Are You Really? invites participants to consider all four parts of their BEING — Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit to begin discerning between their 'False' and 'True' Identities.
  • Lesson 3: The C3 MethodTM — Receiving Your xWhy is the pivotal lesson in which participants learn and experience the power this proprietary process has to reveal their True Identity to them.  It's the same process they will use between lessons to begin receiving their xWhy.
  • Lesson 4: Declaring Your xWhy encourages participants to dig deeper to get clear about the people and causes that matter the most to them thereby positioning them properly to receive their xWhy during the balance of the week. 
  • End-of-Week Assignments following this lesson involve iteratively reapplying the C3 Method to receive and formally declare their xWhy, as best as they understand it today, with the freedom of knowing that it may still be a work-in-progress.

Module #6

Living and Leading from your xWhy

In our final week together, your team will explore the power of 'declaration' and will continue to employ The C3 Method to elevate their Desired Yonder Star Legacy and to further refine, own, and ultimately receive Absolute Clarity of Purpose for themselves.

They'll be presented with the option of taking an assessment that will help them distill their xWhy into two simple, easy-to-remember, words to help them live out their purpose in any circumstance in which they find themselves.

They’ll explore what to do with this new revelation and how to live and lead from their purpose, using a powerful future-first, model for action planning that will empower them to live from their xWhy and into their Desired Yonder Star Legacy.

Finally, they'll explore ways to create tangible, palpable reminders of the extraordinary life and story they are committed to living, and to the legacy they're committed to leaving behind to those who matter most to them!

In this last module of the course, the 25th Secret to Discovering Your xWhy will be revealed.  The four final video lessons are:
  • Lesson 1: Elevating Your Desired Yonder Star Legacy will give them an enhanced view of what is possible for them, and your organization, when they live and lead from their xWhy.
  • Lesson 2: Receiving Absolute Clarity of Purpose provides the opportunity to review all the course insights - a powerful time of reflection in which they will refine & own their xWhy and declare Absolute Clarity of Purpose.
  • Lesson 3: Living From Your Legacy introduces a powerful, future-first, model of planning to enable them to fulfill their ‘Desired Yonder Star Legacy’ backwards from their Legacy as they embrace their xWhy.
  • Lesson 4: Making Your Life Extraordinary is their chance to 'get complete' and explore ways to stay connected to the dynamic xWhy Course Community for ongoing encouragement as they live & lead from their xWhy!

Fridays with Brett Group Coaching Calls

Each week of the course, Brett will host live group coaching calls where participants can engage with him, and each other!  Brett will share fresh insights, answer questions and provide guidance and support to the group as they uncover their xWhy.

Access to the Online xWhy Community

Join Brett and other course participants inside the online community where they can ask questions, join discussions, and learn from others’ experiences.

Whew — that’s a lot of value!
Need a recap?

Here’s everything included in the Online xWhy Course  Experience:

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The SMALL Team xWhy Course Experience

You’ll receive:

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  • 5 Participant Registrations
  • 6 Weekly Learning Modules
  • 24 Recorded Video Lessons - 4 delivered each week
  • 25 Secrets to Discovering Your xWhy
  • Access to the Online xWhy Community
  • 6 Group Coaching Calls with Brett
  • PDF Copies of Brett's book "Your Extraordinary Why" for each registered participant.
  • Additional team member registrations are available at the discounted price.



1 Payment of $10,000



2 Payments of $5,050


The LARGER Team xWhy Course Experience

You’ll receive:

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  • 10 Participant Registrations
  • 6 Weekly Learning Modules
  • 24 Recorded Video Lessons - 4 delivered each week
  • 25 Secrets to Discovering Your xWhy
  • Access to the Online xWhy Community
  • 6 Group Coaching Calls with Brett
  • PLUS 10 copies of Brett’s book “Your Extraordinary Why” personalized with each team member's xWhy
  • PLUS 10 Purpose Assessments - 1 for each member of your team  
  • Additional team member registrations are available at the even lower discounted price.



1 Payment of $17,500



2 Payments of $8,800


The PERSONALIZED xWhy Course Experience for Teams

You’ll receive:

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  • 10 Participant Registrations
  • 6 Weekly Learning Modules
  • 24 Recorded Video Lessons - 4 delivered each week
  • 25 Secrets to Discovering Your xWhy
  • Access to the Online xWhy Community
  • 6 Group Coaching Calls with Brett
  • PLUS 10 copies of Brett’s book “Your Extraordinary Why” personalized with each team member's xWhy
  •  PLUS 10 Purpose Assessments - 1 for each team member
  • PLUS a private coaching session with Brett for each of your team members to deeply personalize their xWhy Course Experience
  • Additional team member registrations are available at the discounted price. 

1 Payment of $25,000



2 Payments of $12,550


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Money-Back Guarantee

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Your employees can dive into the course, take the first module, and begin learning the proven framework to uncover their unique purpose and xWhy.

If, at anytime during that first week, they sense that the course experience is not right for them, they can request a full refund and it will be issued.

After that time, we work on the assumption that those continuing on with the course are deriving value and are committed to the experience.

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The surest way to have employees who love their work — and their life — AND produce great results is to help them uncover their unique and deepest purpose.

Doing this work may truly be the most important work they’ve done — or will ever do — in their entire lives.

It CERTAINLY will be the most transformational.

If you’re ready to help your employees achieve this level of transformation and live and work with more satisfaction, effectiveness, and purpose than they’ve ever experienced before…

…then Your Extraordinary Why: A Proven Framework to Help You Discover Absolute Clarity of Purpose was designed to show you how..


The surest way to have your employees LOVE their work —  AND produce great results — is to help them discover their unique personal purpose, and how they can live it out in the jobs they currently have.

Doing this work may be the most transformational personal development work your employees have ever done — or will ever do — in their entire lives.

If you’re ready to help your employees achieve this level of transformation to live, and work, with greater satisfaction, effectiveness, and purpose than they’ve ever experienced before…

…then The xWhy Course Experience was designed and developed for you!


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