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In-Person Programs

Brett's Keynotes, Workshops, and Retreats are transformational! General audiences are entertained and inspired. Business audiences are challenged to lead at a higher level to develop their people and ensure their organizations are forces for good. Everybody leaves reflecting and thinking more deeply about their unique purpose and why it matters to the world.

Virtual Speaking

Brett has delivered his signature 'Extraordinary Why' program, his 'Extraordinary Relationship' program, and his newest 'Transformational Leadership' program VIRTUALLY more than 100 times in 2020 alone. He's learned what works well virtually and what doesn't! His Virtual Speaker Tips are sought after by other speakers and audiences alike to help them develop their own virtual speaking and communications abilities.

Online xWhy Groups

Discover your xWhy - your unique purpose - in an online community group. It's like having Brett as your own personal 1:1 coach AND having a group of like-minded, high performing peers to help you on your quest. Groups meet virtually via Zoom for a defined period of time. They complete the course transformed with absolute clarity of purpose for the journey ahead!

Who I Am

Prior to earning his Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) credential from the National Speakers' Association in 2020, Brett enjoyed a 30-year global business career with Andersen Consulting, oil giants Amoco & BP, and Vistage Worldwide — living, leading and learning in over 70 countries on six continents. Along the journey, he discovered we’re all created for a purpose and gifted with unique skills, ideas and passions that the world desperately needs!

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Today, Brett speaks and inspires over 100 times each year — delivering in-person and virtual keynote addresses and conducting leadership development workshops & retreats around the globe — building bridges that connect people to their purpose to deliver breakthrough results that truly matter to the world.

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What Live & Virtual Audiences Are Saying

Undoubtedly the greatest delivery of any message I've ever seen. No one comes close! Brett possesses deep, experiential knowledge and is ridiculously prepared. Beyond that, Brett is gracious and respectful of his audience and he oozes authenticity - It's delicious!

No one comes close! Atlanta, GA

Zoom doesn't hinder this guy at all. He connected deeply with every member of our group from thousands of miles away. Brett is a virtual meeting Rockstar!

Virtual Meeting Rockstar! Vancouver, WA

Brett is the BEST online speaker I've experienced. He engaged us us the whole time and it felt like he was in the room with us. Deep content that was artfully delivered!

The BEST Online Speaker Portland, OR

Brett creates an incredible experience that is difficult to self-induce in a lifetime, much less in a 4 hour seminar! 5+ for me!!

Incredible experience Austin, TX

I'm a chiropractor. I give people 'adjustments' so they can be in physical alignment, feel better and live healthier lives. Today, Brett gave me the intellectual, emotional and spiritual adjustment I needed to be in alignment with my most deeply held values. I didn't even know it was happening until it was all over, and now I feel so much better!

Intellectual, emotional & spiritual alignment Tampa, FL

Fearless in his passion and committed to his cause of connecting people to their purpose, Brett is a phenomenal speaker. Not just because his message is so real and personal, but because he's expert at making his audience really want to open themselves up to being better people.

Real and Personal Kathmandu, Nepal

An outstanding workshop that frees us from the restrictive paradigm of pursuing mere ordinary success. Brett connects us with our true essence, urging us to find a purpose and role in life that defines us authentically.

Connects with our true essence Charlotte, NC

A profoundly impactful presentation on what's most important - This will make a huge difference in my life!

Profoundly impactful! Appleton, WI

Brett's workshop should be MANDATORY for anyone that leads an organization. They should take their whole leadership team through it together once every five years!

Mandatory for leaders Montreal, QB, Canada

Transformational! One of the most significant mornings in my personal and professional life.

Transformational! New Delhi, India

Brett digs deep into your psyche and pushes you to find your inner motivations and makes you think hard about whether you are living a meaningful life. I will be thinking about what Brett talked about for a long time. FANTASTIC!

Find your inner motivations Honolulu, Oahu, HI

Brett is the #1 speaker I’ve had the honor to hear. He provided a real framework for approaching life and work.

Framework for life & work Miami, FL

I have been involved with Vistage for 12 years. I wanted to compliment Brett Pyle for his delivery and his message. Brett was GENIUS and one of my all-time favorite speakers. He presented his material with passion and I put to work his material immediately. I highly recommend him to any group!

Genius! Kansas City, MO

Incredible! Emotional! Relevant! Helped me remember my ‘Why!’ Like an oil change for your soul!

An oil change for the soul Austin, TX

Brett’s delivery was full of passion; his content very meaningful. In my 12 years with Vistage this experience was one of my favorites.

Full of Passion Kansas City, MO

A unique delivery of information that sends you a life wake-up call.

A Life Wake-up Call New Orleans, LA

It’s not often we encounter a speaker that makes you really listen and connects both the mind (logic) and the heart (passions and purpose).

Connects the mind & heart Dallas, TX

The finest Vistage presentation ever! Fabulous!

Austin, TX

Excellent delivery! Brett delivers a terrific presentation using movie clips, famous quotes delivered with voices and accents true to character, and thoughtful story telling.

St. Paul, MN

Brett’s presentation will be with me forever!

Napa, CA

You forced me to stop and think about the things I choose not to think about regularly.

Chicago, IL

Best speaker I’ve heard in my 15 years with TEC/Vistage.

Tampa, FL

Excellent, thought-provoking speaker. Makes you really think about your life in a unique way.

Philadelphia, PA

A challenging topic that requires hard engagement. Deep. Real. Excellent!

Chicago, IL

Outstanding! Brett's presentation was very thought-provoking and will have a lasting impact on me.

Los Angeles, CA

A very powerful presentation with a unique perspective and approach.

Farmington, NY

Engaging, inspiring, and easy to follow. I’m looking forward to diving deeper into the material.

Rochester, NY

The topic is so uplifting.

Providence, RI

Thank you for helping me think deeply.

Nashville, TN

Brett did an excellent job delivering a message that is extremely thought-provoking and timely for someone within 10 years of retirement.

Buffalo, NY

Will trigger action in my personal and business life.

Austin, TX

The most thoroughly thought-through presentation on life purpose that I’ve ever experienced.

Orange County, CA

This day helped unlock barriers for me and also create a new way of looking at goals. Very freeing!

Des Moines, IA

One of the best speakers I’ve ever seen. Excellent!

Los Angeles, CA

The best Vistage speaker I’ve heard in my five years of membership.

Raleigh, NC

Brett is an incredibly polished speaker and has messages everyone should hear. His exercises are exceptionally thought provoking and critically important for everyone.

Lihue, Kauai, HI

OUTSTANDING! More people need to experience this workshop and grasp the bigger picture of what life's all about!

Papagayo, Costa Rica

Real, raw, and deeply relevant for everyone in the room! Thank you so much for pulling us out of our comfort zones to get in touch with our most deeply held values and 'why' we hold them so dear.

Madison, WI

What Event Hosts & Meeting Planners Are Saying

If you are looking for a deeper way of connecting with your leadership team, I highly recommend Brett Pyle’s “Your Extraordinary Why” workshop. Brett took us on a profound journey into our hearts. We contemplated our own mortality, our legacy and what is truly important to each of us. Brett does all this with a wonderful sense of humor and great positive energy. It is an emotionally challenging journey that helped put our lives into perspective and bond as a leadership team.

Paul Schwer - President, PAE Consulting Engineers

After participating in Brett’s workshop with my Vistage CEO Board of Advisors, I hired Brett to conduct an offsite retreat for my leadership team. We were already working effectively together, but I just knew that we could perform at an even higher level if the group were more closely bonded. Without exception, my leadership team universally loved Brett’s session! We learned so much about ourselves and each other. Despite the retreat occurring at a particularly hectic time in our business, Brett gained the group’s trust and got them ‘all in’ from the outset. We laughed together and we shared some sorrows and tears. It was exactly the experience I was hoping for. Months later, we’re still talking about all we learned from our time with Brett. All in all, the offsite retreat Brett conducted for Opus was a 10 out of 10. I strongly endorse and recommend Brett to any CEO looking to make a breakthrough in the way your team leads and performs.

Monte Wood CEO/President, Opus Agency Portland, OR

Martin Little, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing with Concast Metal Products Co. gives a 1 min review of the Keynote Brett Pyle delivered at his association's annual meeting.

I have seen literally 100+ speaker presentations over the years during my time with Vistage and Brett Pyle is the best I've encountered. Brett agreed to speak to my management team and his session was again as good as any I have been part of. Our managers were 100% engaged with his powerful message because Brett has a gift to stir and inspire each person. People were brought to tears - in a good way - as they connected with their biggest, most deeply held driving 'Why's.' No one wanted to see the session end! An amazing presentation with incredible take-home value.

Greg Holsinger CEO/President, U-GRO Learning Harrisburg, PA

John Dame, Vistage Chair and Evolution Conference Leader, reviews Brett's Keynote and Workshop performances.

My Vistage Board of Advisors enjoyed Brett's workshop so much, we asked him to return a few months later to conduct a Spousal Retreat. As good as he was the first time, we all agreed his workshop with our spouses was even more effective and more impactful the second time around! Each year, for the past 6 years, I scour for the best speaker available to present to my extended leadership team at Republic National Distributing Company. This year we hired Brett. Last week Brett inspired the top 70 leaders of my division at our annual meeting receiving not just a round of applause but also a well-deserved standing ovation! I genuinely had more positive feedback from the group about content and delivery than all past presenters combined. Brett truly made a profound impact!!! If you're looking for a way to get your team thinking deeply about who they are and what they are uniquely gifted to contribute to your company (and the world at large), engage Brett to "wow" your audience! He'll blow them away and thank you for the gift.

Greg Bowdish VP Republic National Distributing Dallas, TX

I knew I was in the presence of mastery when Brett Pyle came to speak to my Vistage CEO Boards. Usually, my groups spend the time after a speaker’s workshop engaged in practical problem solving. But on the day Brett visited, we were deeply engaged in conversations about our own “Extraordinary Why”. Eventually we surrendered the 'practica'l work and spent the afternoon at a local tavern, talking about things that really mattered.

I. Barry Goldberg, Vistage Chair Little Rock, AR

Brett takes folks on a journey which moves them closer to being a better version of themselves. I have listened to and watched 1000+ Vistage talks in my 33+ years - most are good “How To Do’s" ... Brett's is about “Who To Be!” That's a much bigger deal, and Brett delivers!

Larry Cassidy - Vistage Master Chair Los Angeles, CA

Brett Overwhelms!!! I have been chairing Vistage groups for 19 years. This week I had Brett Pyle speak to my two CEO groups. Brett's presentation on Your Extraordinary Why: Living a Successful Life of Significance blew my groups away. Each group told me that Brett was the best Vistage speaker they had ever seen. I am certain that his presentation will have a profound effect on several of my members as well as on myself.

Howard Lieberman Seattle, WA

If you are looking for a way to really inspire your team, let Brett help by giving them a set of tools they can apply not only to their professional lives but to their personal lives. Brett conducted a full day, leadership development workshop with my executive team and departmental directors. Through a series of interactive and individual exercises, Brett helps each participant uncover a clear vision and path toward the fulfillment of their desired legacy. Eighteen of my key advisors and team leaders participated in this workshop and it was refreshing, exciting and deeply gratifying to me as a leader to observe these important people in my business and personal life re-engage with long forgotten/suppressed aspirations and/or unfinished journeys. I sponsored Brett’s workshop after experiencing it in 2011 because it helped me define what I wanted out of my life and helped me build a plan to achieve those things. I wanted to pass this gift along to key members of my team; however, I never expected the level of excitement, engagement and the resulting gratitude I received from every participant either during or immediately following the workshop. Inspire and reward your team by letting Brett help them find their ‘Extraordinary Why.’

Stan Storti, President, The Spinx Companies Greenville, SC

Brett creates a powerful meeting seminar with his personal stories, his modeling of vulnerability, and meaningful content. My team went deeper than ever before. It was an afternoon full of tears and breakthroughs for me and my team members---an unforgettable meeting!

Nina Cherry Honolulu, Oahu, HI

Last weekend, my CEO Board had our spousal retreat. Our speaker was Brett Pyle, a Vistage Chair and a popular speaker. The response to Brett's presentation was nothing short of overwhelming emotionally, with many tears shed and hugs shared. We are indeed fortunate to have wonderful speakers in our Vistage stable. In terms of polish, clarity, delivery, content and organization, Brett Pyle is truly a master. I highly recommend him for any event where the Chair's desire is to go beyond the brain and reach the heart of your members.

Ben Dominitz, Vistage Chair Charlotte, NC

Just flying back from the glow of a fantastic CEO retreat in Napa, in good part due to our fabulous speaker, Brett Pyle. His skills as a presenter are top notch and his topic of “Find Your Extraordinary Why” is perfect for spousal retreats OR member-only meetings. Brett touches many chords around life, priorities, future, past and in general, explores areas of life that members are often too busy to think about or don’t want to. It’s definitely a program of "getting comfortable with being uncomfortable." Aside from all that, he is also a Vistage Chair so he has more insight into our member psyches than most. If you like to challenge your members to be “whole persons” and not just be their “title" then book Brett as fast as you can.

Mikki Williams, NSA Hall of Fame Speaker Chicago, IL

I had Brett speak for my three Vistage groups and he was a BIG hit (one of the best ~ a great way to start the year. This you can only get at Vistage)! Brett took my members (and me) on a transformational journey tapping into our True North, our Why to lead a life of significance. I don't utter the word transformational often, but Brett truly triggered some big transformations in several members and in myself. If you are willing to go deep, really deep, yourself and with your group ... be courageous and invite Brett to speak. You will not regret it ... he will transform you!

Niels J. Lameijer Santa Barbara, CA

Brett's insight to today's issues, inspired coaching skills, compelling messages to leaders, and amazing delivery to over 900 attendees at our Leadership Breakfast brought not only a standing ovation but a life changing opportunity for all to engage through personal transformation.

Jim Knutson, President, CONSENSUS Denver, CO

Brett offered outstanding value and helped my Vistage Members get in touch with the real meaning of life. The deep dive into our emotions was so valuable! Brett did an outstanding job and I am confident to say that his message will be remembered and used by all of us as we move forward in life.

Wayne Serie St. Louis Park, MN

Brett Pyle is an outstanding addition to our Vistage Florida circuit of speakers. He continuously receives the highest marks from our Chairs and members. His message is powerful and his audience always receives tremendous value from his presentation. Brett is gracious and accommodating, which makes working with him a pleasure.

Angie Neal, Coordinator Vistage Florida

“Brett is one of my favorite speakers to work with. He’s flexible, has a great attitude and quick-response rate with emails, and most importantly, Brett makes me look good when his presentation hits it out of the park with our members every time. His content continues to inspire and motivate people – I always feel reassured when I know I’ve got Brett speaking for one of our groups. They are going to learn something significant about themselves that day.

Rachel Bishop Vistage International

I truly enjoy working with Brett Pyle. He is always quick to respond to all requests and will go above and beyond to try to make any engagement. I know that when I recommend him to Vistage groups, the Members and their Chair will receive significant takeaways that they can use in both their personal and professional lives.

Nicole Guizar Vistage International

Brett’s presentation was perfect for our couples retreat. It really provided a lot of content and talking points for our CEOs and spouses to build their shared goals for the next five years.

Jean Lauterbach Cincinnati, OH

Flexible and willing to work with me as the Board Chair to customize his presentation for my members.

Erin McGrath San Francisco, CA

Everyone was still talking about the impact of this talk the next day. Brett gave us a framework to think more intentionally about our voices.

Diane Drewry New York, NY

Very powerful and well-timed for many in our group—me included. Great thought-provoking, personalized examples.

Suzanne Frindt Irvine, CA

Exactly what I was looking for from a presenter.

Frank Walter Milwaukee, WI

Brett spoke to my CEO and Key Executive groups this month and the response was overwhelmingly positive, ratings achieved were 5.0 on content and 5.0 on delivery. Both groups were wowed by the depth of the discussions and by Brett's ability to help members self-reflect and make decisions to create real change in their lives. He was spoken of as the Best Speaker Ever! (13 year groups)

Nina Atwood - Vistage Master & Best Practice Chair Dallas, TX

Brett is one of the very top Vistage Speakers. He takes groups to places in their life they need to think about and places they have not fully thought about. Through the process Brett gets people to open up and share, which brings the team so much closer. Brett is great and should be required by every Vistage Board.

Wayne Serie Minneapolis, MN

NOT your typical business seminar, but essential to the personal and professional success of any executive. Clarifying your "why" in life and business is no easy task. This seminar is emotional for sure, but deeply satisfying. How can a manager steer a team and a company if they don't know their life purpose? Brett's topic often gets short changed in business, but once there's clarity around the "why", filtering out the unnecessary and getting laser-focused on priorities follows and that's ALWAYS good for business.

Dani Nichols, North American Polymer Co., Ltd. Skokie, IL

I’ve been Chairing my Key group for 12 years, so I have many long tenured members and we have had many retreats over the years, some with, and some without, spouses. The past 4 or 5 years we’ve invited spouses and we have had wonderful experiences, but typically we don’t have a speaker. Then came BRETT. Brett spoke to my groups last September, and several of the members suggested we have him speak again for our retreat so spouses could hear him. The night before Brett spoke, a couple of the spouses pulled me aside and asked, “Nina, do we really have to be there in the morning to hear the speaker? I mean, that’s a Vistage thing, and I think I’d rather go to the spa…” My answer was, “of course, you don’t HAVE to be there, but the reason we brought Brett back is for you; the group members have already heard him.” There was some grumbling, but the next morning all of the spouses showed up. My belief, right or wrong, is that spouses don’t sign up for Vistage, so I’m not a fan of trying to push them into emotional processing. Then came BRETT. Brett is masterful at drawing people – Vistage members and spouses – into a felt experience that is nothing short of transformational. Brett is a master storyteller, and his stories are authentic, from his own life, and from the heart. Brett made it utterly and completely safe for spouses to go wherever they wished, to whatever depth, and because the level of safety was so high, as you might imagine, everyone went there. Noses and eyes were running, tissues were passed, and the sharing at the end was deep and heartfelt, and that included my own husband, to my great joy. Book Brett Pyle for “Your Extraordinary Why” as soon as you can! For spousal retreats, regular meetings, however you can get him, just book him.

Nina Atwood, Vistage Master Best Practice Chair Dallas, TX

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